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Dish out Fatalities in hell

Doom II: Mortal Kombat Doom (Zandronum) Mod is a free video game utility that lets you play Mortal Kombat II inside Doom II. Developed by DooMero entertainment, this mod functions similarly to the game-within-a-game concept, wherein you can actually play an already existing game in real life inside another game. Specifically, this is all happening on Zandronum and GZDoom, which are multiplayer ports of Doom and Doom II.

Two in one

Doom II: Hell on Earth is a 1994 first-person shooter game by id Software. The second game in the cult classic franchise, Doom II became highly successful with its multiplayer mode and its community of avid fans created third-party source ports that allow the game to be played with almost any PC version across the internet. These include Odamex, GZDoom, ZDaemon, Skulltag, and Zandronum—and with these, you can enjoy some unique mods, too.

With Mortal Kombat Doom, you can boot up the Zandronum port and play Mortal Kombat II—a popular 1993 arcade fighting game—inside it. The MKII copy you can play is actually pretty well-integrated into the game and you can either do single-player or multiplayer on it, with either co-op or versus mode. There are 6 maps available: 3 for console rooms and 3 for arcade rooms. 

Just like in the original game, you can do Fatalities and you can unlock these by going to the options menu and selecting Special Moves in the control customizations. There’s also an arcade ladder and even some easter eggs from the two games. The graphics haven’t been improved much but this seems to be a deliberate move to preserve the feeling of an arcade game. The music, however, has been retained in all its glory.

Needs two base programs

Overall, Doom II: Mortal Kombat Doom (Zandronum) Mod is a nice little thing to try out if you happen to have Zandronum or GZDoom. While this is all it does, it’s still a pretty neat trick for a Doom II multiplayer port. Unfortunately, this mod relies on another mod for the base game so you’ll have to do some extra steps to install it. Nevertheless, this is impressive coding just to appreciate the two games together.


  • Can play a game inside another game
  • Supports multiplayer
  • Can unlock Fatalities
  • Has easter eggs


  • A bit tricky to install
  • Doesn’t have all gameplay mechanics of MKII

Program available in other languages

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